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Graphics Gems V
Edited by Alan W. Paeth
Academic Press, 1995
ISBN 0-12-543457-X
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Solving Quartics and Cubics for Graphics
Don Herbison-Evans
Pages 3–15
Computing the Inverse Square Root
Ken Turkowski
Pages 16–21
Fixed-Point Square Root
Ken Turkowski
Pages 22–24
Rational Approximation
Ken Shoemake
Pages 25–32
Efficient Computation of Polygon Area and Polyhedron Volume
Allen Van Gelder
Pages 35–41
Point in Polyhedron Testing Using Spherical Polygons
Paulo Cezar Pinto Carvalho, Paulo Roma Cavalcanti
Pages 42–49
Clipping a Concave Polygon
Andrew S. Glassner
Pages 50–54
Rotations for N-Dimensional Graphics
Andrew J. Hanson
Pages 55–64
Parallelohedra and Uniform Quantization
Robert Buckley
Pages 65–71
Matrix-based Ellipse Geometry
Kenneth J. Hill
Pages 72–77
Distance Approximations and Bounding Polyhedra
Alan W. Paeth
Pages 78–87
The Best Least-Squares Line Fit
David Alciatore, Rick Miranda
Pages 91–97
Surface Models and the Resolution of N-Dimensional Cell Ambiguity
Steve Hill, Jonathan C. Roberts
Pages 98–106
Tricubic Interpolation
Louis K. Arata
Pages 107–110
Transforming Coordinates from One Coordinate Plane to Another
Robert D. Miller
Pages 111–120
A Walk through BSP Trees
Norman Chin
Pages 121–138
Generic Implementation of Axial Deformation Techniques
Carole Blanc
Pages 139–145
Identities for the Univariate and Bivariate Bernstein Basis Functions
Ronald Goldman
Pages 149–162
Identities for the B-Spline Basis Functions
Ronald Goldman
Pages 163–167
Circular Arc Subdivision
Ken Turkowski
Pages 168–172
Adaptive Sampling of Parametric Curves
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo
Pages 173–178
Fast Generation of Ellipsoids
Jaewoo Ahn
Pages 179–190
Sparse Smooth Connection between Bézier/B-Spline Curves
Chandrajit Bajaj, Guoliang Xu
Pages 191–198
The Length of Bézier Curves
Jens Gravesen
Pages 199–205
Quick and Simple Bézier Curve Drawing
Robert D. Miller
Pages 206–209
Linear Form Curves
Ken Shoemake
Pages 210–223
Computing the Intersection of a Line and a Cone
Ching-Kuang Shene
Pages 227–231
Ray Intersection of Tessellated Surfaces: Quadrangles versus Triangles
Christophe Schlick, Gilles Subrenat
Pages 232–241
Faster Ray Tracing Using Scanline Rejection
Tomas Akenine-Möller
Pages 242–257
Ray Tracing a Swept Sphere
Andreas Leipelt
Pages 258–267
Acceleration of Ray Tracing via Voronoi Diagrams
Gábor Márton
Pages 268–284
Direct Lighting Models for Ray Tracing with Cylindrical Lamps
Kurt Zimmerman
Pages 285–289
Improving Intermediate Radiosity Images Using Directional Light
Martin Feda
Pages 290–293
Improved Threshold Matrices for Ordered Dithering
Werner Purgathofer, Robert F. Tobler, Manfred Geiler
Pages 297–301
Halftoning with Selective Precipitation and Adaptive Clustering
Tien-Tsin Wong, Siu-chi Hsu
Pages 302–313
Faster “Pixel-Perfect” Line Clipping
Steven Eker
Pages 314–322
Efficient and Robust 2D Shape Vectorization
Jean-François Doué, Ruben Gonzalez Rubio
Pages 323–337
Reversible Straight Line Edge Reconstruction
Siu-chi Hsu, I. H. H. Lee
Pages 338–354
Priority-based Adaptive Image Refinement
Rajesh Sharma
Pages 355–358
Sampling Patterns Optimized for Uniform Distribution of Edges
Robert A. Cross
Pages 359–363
Wave Generators for Computer Graphics
Christophe Schlick
Pages 367–374
Fast Polygon-Cube Intersection Testing
Daniel Green, Don Hatch
Pages 375–379
Velocity-based Collision Detection
William Bouma, George Vaněček
Pages 380–385
Spatial Partitioning of the Polygon by a Plane
George Vaněček
Pages 386–393
Fast Polygon Triangulation Based on Seidel’s Algorithm
Atul Narkhede, Dinesh Manocha
Pages 394–397
Accurate Z-Buffer Rendering
Raghu Karinthi
Pages 398–399
A Survery of Extended Graphics Libraries
Alan W. Paeth, Ferdi Scheepers, Stephen May
Pages 400–406