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GPU Pro 4
Edited by Wolfgang Engel
CRC Press, 2013
ISBN 978-1-4665-6743-6


GPU Terrain Subdivision and Tessellation
Benjamin Mistal
Pages 3–20
Introducing the Programmable Vertex Pulling Rendering Pipeline
Christophe Riccio, Sean Lilley
Pages 21–37
A WebGL Globe Rendering Pipeline
Patrick Cozzi, Daniel Bagnell
Pages 39–48
Practical Planar Reflections Using Cubemaps and Image Proxies
Sébastien Lagarde, Antoine Zanuttini
Pages 51–68
Real-Time Ptex and Vector Displacement
Karl Hillesland
Pages 69–80
Decoupled Deferred Shading on the GPU
Gábor Liktor, Carsten Dachsbacher
Pages 81–98
Tiled Forward Shading
Markus Billeter, Ola Olsson, Ulf Assarsson
Pages 99–114
Forward+: A Step Toward Film-Style Shading in Real Time
Takahiro Harada, Jay McKee, Jason C. Yang
Pages 115–135
Progressive Screen-Space Multichannel Surface Voxelization
Athanasios Gaitatzes, Georgios Papaioannou
Pages 137–154
Rasterized Voxel-Based Dynamic Global Illumination
Hawar Doghramachi
Pages 155–171
The Skylanders SWAP Force Depth-of-Field Shader
Michael Bukowski, Padraic Hennessy, Brian Osman, Morgan McGuire
Pages 175–185
Simulating Partial Occlusion in Post-Processing Depth-of-Field Methods
David C. Schedl, Michael Wimmer
Pages 187–200
Second-Depth Antialiasing
Emil Persson
Pages 201–212
Practical Framebuffer Compression
Pavlos Mavridis, Georgios Papaioannou
Pages 213–226
Coherence-Enhancing Filtering on the GPU
Jan Eric Kyprianidis, Henry Kang
Pages 227–249
Real-Time Deep Shadow Maps
René Fürst, Oliver Mattausch, Daniel Scherzer
Pages 253–264
An Aspect-Based Engine Architecture
Donald Revie
Pages 267–284
Kinect Programming with Direct3D 11
Jason Zink
Pages 285–302
A Pipeline for Authored Structural Damage
Homam Bahnassi, Wessam Bahnassi
Pages 303–315
Bit-Trail Traversal for Stackless LBVH on DirectCompute
Sergio Murguía, Francisco Ávila, Leo Reyes, Arturo García
Pages 319–336
Real-Time JPEG Compression Using DirectCompute
Stefan Petersson
Pages 337–355