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Game Programming Gems 5
Edited by Kim Pallister
Charles River Media, 2005
ISBN 1-58450-352-1


Context-Sensitive HUDs for Editors
Adam Martin
Pages 5–15
Parsing Text Data in Games
Aurelio Reis
Pages 17–24
Component Based Object Management
Bjarne Rene
Pages 25–37
Using Templates for Reflection in C++
Dominic Filion
Pages 39–54
Sphere Trees for Speedy BSPs
Dominic Filion
Pages 55–63
Improved Frustum Culling
Frank Puig Placeres
Pages 65–77
Generic Pager
Ignacio Incera Cruz
Pages 79–92
Large-Scale Stack-Based State Machines
James Boer
Pages 93–101
CSG Construction Using BSP Trees
Octavian Marius Chincisan
Pages 103–113
Building Lua into Games
Matthew Harmon
Pages 115–128
Improving Freelists with Policy Based Design
Nathan Mefford
Pages 129–141
A Real-Time Remote Debug Message Logger
Patrick Duquette
Pages 143–148
A Transparent Class Saving and Loading Trick
Patrick Meehan
Pages 149–157
An Effective Cache-Oblivious Implementation of the ABT Tree
Sébastien Schertenleib
Pages 159–168
Visual Design of State Machines
Scott Jacobs
Pages 169–175
A Generic Component Library
Warrick Buchanan
Pages 177–187
Choose Your Path—A Menu System
Wendy Jones
Pages 189–196
Using Geometric Algebra for Computer Graphics
Chris Lomont
Pages 201–223
Minimal Acceleration Hermite Curves
Tony Barrera, Anders Hast, Ewert Bengtsson
Pages 225–231
Spline-Based Time Control for Animation
Jim Van Verth
Pages 233–246
Faster Quaternion Interpolation Using Approximations
Andy Thomason
Pages 247–267
Minimax Numerical Approximation
Christopher Tremblay
Pages 269–280
Oblique View Frustums for Mirrors and Portals
Eric Lengyel
Pages 281–294
Automatic Cover Finding with Navigation Meshes
Borut Pfeifer
Pages 299–305
Fast Target Ranking Using an Artificial Potential Field
Markus Breyer
Pages 307–315
Using Lanchester Attrition Models to Predict the Results of Combat
John Bolton
Pages 317–328
Implementing Practical Planning for Game AI
Jamie Cheng, Finnegan Southey
Pages 329–343
Optimizing a Decision Tree Query Algorithm for Multithreaded Architectures
Chuck DeSylva
Pages 345–352
Parallel AI Development with PVM
Michael Ramsey
Pages 353–366
Beyond A*
Mario Grimani, Matthew Titelbaum
Pages 367–382
Advanced Pathfinding with Minimal Replanning Cost: Dynamic A Star (D*)
Marco Tombesi
Pages 383–389
Back of the Envelope Aerodynamics for Game Physics
Graham Rhodes
Pages 395–409
Dynamic Grass Simulation and Other Natural Effects
Rishi Ramraj
Pages 411–419
Realistic Cloth Animation Using the Mass-Spring Model
Juan M. Cordero
Pages 421–433
Practical Animation of Soft Bodies for Game Development: The Pressurized Soft-Body Model
Maciej Matyka
Pages 435–448
Adding Life to Ragdoll Simulation Using Feedback Control Systems
Michael Mandel
Pages 449–455
Designing a Prescripted Physics System
Daniel Higgins
Pages 457–472
Prescripted Physics: Techniques and Applications
Shawn Shoemaker
Pages 473–481
Realistic Camera Movement in a 3D Car Simulator
Barnabás Aszódi, Szabolcs Czuczor
Pages 483–494
Realistic Cloud Rendering on Modern GPUs
Jean-François Dubé
Pages 499–505
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow (and Rain)
Niniane Wang, Bretton Wade
Pages 507–513
Widgets: Rendering Fast and Persistent Foliage
Martin Brownlow
Pages 515–526
2.5 Dimensional Impostors for Realistic Trees and Forests
Gábor Szijártó
Pages 527–538
Gridless Controllable Fire
Neeharika Adabala, Charles E. Hughes
Pages 539–549
Powerful Explosion Effects Using Billboard Particles
Steve Rabin
Pages 551–560
A Simple Method for Rendering Gemstones
Thorsten Scheuermann
Pages 561–570
Volumetric Post-Processing
Dominic Filion, Sylvain Boissé
Pages 571–577
Procedural Level Generation
Timothy Roden, Ian Parberry
Pages 579–588
Recombinant Shaders
Dominic Filion
Pages 589–597
Keeping a Massively Multiplayer Online Game Massive, Online, and Persistent
Shea Street
Pages 603–610
Implementing a Seamless World Server
Patrick Duquette
Pages 611–620
Designing a Vulgarity Filtering System
Shekhar Dhupelia
Pages 621–626
Fast and Efficient Implementation of a Remote Procedure Call System
Hyun-jik Bae
Pages 627–641
Overcoming Network Address Translation in Peer-to-Peer Communications
Jon Watte
Pages 643–664
A Reliable Messaging Protocol
Martin Brownlow
Pages 665–671
Safe Random Number Systems
Shekhar Dhupelia
Pages 673–679
Secure by Design
Adam Martin
Pages 681–691
Multithreaded Audio Programming Techniques
James Boer
Pages 697–711
Sound Management by Group
Matthew Harmon
Pages 713–719
Using 3D Surfaces as Audio Emitters
Sami Hamlaoui
Pages 721–728
Fast Environmental Reverb Based on Feedback Delay Networks
Christian Schüler
Pages 729–740
Introduction to Single-Speaker Speech Recognition
Julien Hamaide
Pages 741–750