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GPU Pro 5
Edited by Wolfgang Engel
CRC Press, 2014
ISBN 978-1-4822-0863-4


Per-Pixel Lists for Single Pass A-Buffer
Sylvain Lefebvre, Samuel Hornus, Anass Lasram
Pages 3–23
Reducing Texture Memory Usage by 2-Channel Color Encoding
Krzysztof Kluczek
Pages 25–34
Particle-Based Simulation of Material Aging
Tobias Günther, Kai Rohmer, Thorsten Grosch
Pages 35–53
Simple Rasterization-Based Liquids
Martin Guay
Pages 55–64
Physically Based Area Lights
Michał Drobot
Pages 67–100
High Performance Outdoor Light Scattering Using Epipolar Sampling
Egor Yusov
Pages 101–126
Volumetric Light Effects in Killzone: Shadow Fall
Nathan Vos
Pages 127–147
Hi-Z Screen-Space Cone-Traced Reflections
Yasin Uludag
Pages 149–192
TressFX: Advanced Real-Time Hair Rendering
Timothy Martin, Wolfgang Engel, Nicolas Thibieroz, Jason C. Yang, Jason Lacroix
Pages 193–209
Wire Antialiasing
Emil Persson
Pages 211–218
Screen-Space Grass
David Pangerl
Pages 221–232
Screen-Space Deformable Meshes via CSG with Per-Pixel Linked Lists
João Lucas Guberman Raza, Gustavo Nunes
Pages 233–240
Bokeh Effects on the SPU
Serge Bernier
Pages 241–250
Realistic Real-Time Skin Rendering on Mobile
Renaldas Zioma, Ole Ciliox
Pages 253–262
Deferred Rendering Techniques on Mobile Devices
Ashley Vaughan Smith
Pages 263–273
Bandwidth Efficient Graphics with ARM Mali GPUs
Marius Bjørge
Pages 275–288
Efficient Morph Target Animation Using OpenGL ES 3.0
James L. Jones
Pages 289–295
Tiled Deferred Rendering
Ramses Ladlani
Pages 297–311
Adaptive Scalable Texture Compression
Stacy Smith
Pages 313–326
Optimizing OpenCL Kernels for the ARM Mali-T600 GPUs
Johan Gronqvist, Anton Lokhmotov
Pages 327–357
Quaternions Revisited
Peter Sikachev, Vladimir Egorov, Sergey Makeev
Pages 361–374
glTF: Designing an Open-Standard Runtime Asset Format
Fabrice Robinet, Rémi Arnaud, Tony Parisi, Patrick Cozzi
Pages 375–392
Managing Transformations in Hierarchy
Bartosz Chodorowski, Wojciech Sterna
Pages 393–403
Hair Simulation in TressFX
Dongsoo Han
Pages 407–417
Object-Order Ray Tracing for Fully Dynamic Scenes
Tobias Zirr, Hauke Rehfeld, Carsten Dachsbacher
Pages 419–438
Quadtrees on the GPU
Jonathan Dupuy, Jean-Claude Iehl, Pierre Poulin
Pages 439–450
Two-Level Constraint Solver and Pipelined Local Batching for Rigid Body Simulation on GPUs
Takahiro Harada
Pages 451–468
Non-separable 2D, 3D, and 4D Filtering with CUDA
Anders Eklund, Paul Dufort
Pages 469–492