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Game Engine Gems 3
Edited by Eric Lengyel
A K Peters, 2016
ISBN 978-1-4987-5565-8
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The Open Game Engine Exchange Format
Eric Lengyel
Pages 3–21
Realistic Blending of Skies, Water, and Terrain
Frank Kane
Pages 23–35
Fog with a Linear Density Function
Eric Lengyel
Pages 37–52
Vegetation Management in Leadwerks Game Engine 4
Josh Klint
Pages 53–71
Smooth Horizon Mapping
Eric Lengyel
Pages 73–83
Buffer-Free Generation of Triangle Strip Cube Vertices
Don Williamson
Pages 85–89
Edge-Preserving Smoothing Filter for Particle Based Rendering
Kin-Ming Wong, Tien-Tsin Wong
Pages 91–99
Variable Precision Pixel Shading for Improved Power Efficiency
Rahul Sathe
Pages 101–109
A Fast and High-Quality Texture Atlasing Algorithm
Manny Ko
Pages 111–120
Rotational Joint Limits in Quaternion Space
Gino van der Bergen
Pages 123–139
Volumetric Hierarchical Approximate Convex Decomposition
Khaled Mamou
Pages 141–158
Simulating Soft Bodies Using Strain Based Dynamics
Muhammad Mobeen Movania
Pages 159–181
Generic, Lightweight, and Fast Delegates in C++
Stefan Reinalter
Pages 185–195
Compile-Time String Hashing in C++
Stefan Reinalter
Pages 197–205
Static Reflection in C++ Using Tuples
Nicolas Guillemot
Pages 207–217
Portable SIMD Programs Using ISPC
Nicolas Guillemot, Marc Fauconneau Dufresne
Pages 219–228
Shared Network Arrays as an Abstraction of Network Code from Game Code Logic
João Lucas Guberman Raza
Pages 229–236
Vision Based Local Collision Avoidance
Teófilo Bezerra Dutra, Ricardo Marques, Julien Pettré, Jan Ondřej
Pages 239–253
A Programming Framework for Autonomous NPCs
Artur de Oliveira da Rocha Franco, José Gilvan Rodrigues Maia, Fernando Antonio de Carvalho Gomes
Pages 255–265
Beyond Smart Objects: Behavior-Oriented Programming for NPCs in Large Open Worlds
Martin Černý, Tomáš Plch, Cyril Brom
Pages 267–280
A Control System for Enhancing Entity Behavior
Michael Ramsey
Pages 281–288
A Control System Based Approach to Entity Behavior
Michael Ramsey
Pages 289–294