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GPU Pro 7
Edited by Wolfgang Engel
CRC Press, 2016
ISBN 978-1-4987-4253-5


Deferred Snow Deformation in Rise of the Tomb Raider
Anton Kai Michels, Peter Sikachev
Pages 3–16
Catmull-Clark Subdivision Surfaces
Wade Brainerd
Pages 17–40
Clustered Shading: Assigning Lights Using Conservative Rasterization in DirectX 12
Kevin Örtegren, Emil Persson
Pages 43–68
Fine Pruned Tiled Light Lists
Morten S. Mikkelsen
Pages 69–81
Deferred Attribute Interpolation Shading
Christoph Schied, Carsten Dachsbacher
Pages 83–96
Real-Time Volumetric Cloudscapes
Andrew Schneider
Pages 97–127
Adaptive Virtual Textures
Ka Chen
Pages 131–144
Deferred Coarse Pixel Shading
Rahul Sathe, Tomasz Janczak
Pages 145–153
Progressive Rendering Using Multi-frame Sampling
Daniel Limberger, Karsten Tausche, Johannes Linke, Jürgen Döllner
Pages 155–171
Efficient Soft Shadows Based on Static Local Cubemap
Sylwester Bala, Roberto Lopez Mendez
Pages 175–186
Physically Based Deferred Shading on Mobile
Ashley Vaughan Smith, Mathieu Einig
Pages 187–198
Interactive Cinematic Particles
Homam Bahnassi, Wessam Bahnassi
Pages 201–218
Real-Time BC6H Compression on GPU
Krzysztof Narkowicz
Pages 219–229
A 3D Visualization Tool Used for Test Automation in the Forza Series
Gustavo Nunes
Pages 231–244
Semi-static Load Balancing for Low-Latency Ray Tracing on Heterogeneous Multiple GPUs
Takahiro Harada
Pages 245–254
Octree Mapping from a Depth Camera
Dave Kotfis, Patrick Cozzi
Pages 257–273
Interactive Sparse Eulerian Fluid
Alex Dunn
Pages 275–298