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GPU Gems
Edited by Randima Fernando
Addison-Wesley, 2004
ISBN 0-321-22832-4
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Effective Water Simulation from Physical Models
Mark Finch
Pages 5–29
Rendering Water Caustics
Juan Guardado, Daniel Sánchez-Crespo
Pages 31–44
Skin in the “Dawn” Demo
Curtis Beeson, Kevin Bjorke
Pages 45–62
Animation in the “Dawn” Demo
Curtis Beeson
Pages 63–72
Implementing Improved Perlin Noise
Ken Perlin
Pages 73–85
Fire in the “Vulcan” Demo
Hubert Nguyen
Pages 87–105
Rendering Countless Blades of Waving Grass
Kurt Pelzer
Pages 107–121
Simulating Diffraction
Jos Stam
Pages 123–132
Efficient Shadow Volume Rendering
Morgan McGuire
Pages 137–166
Cinematic Lighting
Fabio Pellacini, Kiril Vidimče
Pages 167–183
Shadow Map Antialiasing
Michael Bunnell, Fabio Pellacini
Pages 185–192
Omnidirectional Shadow Mapping
Philipp S. Gerasimov
Pages 193–203
Generating Soft Shadows Using Occlusion Interval Maps
William Donnelly, Joe Demers
Pages 205–215
Perspective Shadow Maps: Care and Feeding
Simon Kozlov
Pages 217–244
Managing Visibility for Per-Pixel Lighting
John O’Rorke
Pages 245–257
Real-Time Approximations to Subsurface Scattering
Simon Green
Pages 263–278
Ambient Occlusion
Matt Pharr, Simon Green
Pages 279–292
Spatial BRDFs
David McAllister
Pages 293–306
Image-Based Lighting
Kevin Bjorke
Pages 307–321
Texture Bombing
R. Steven Glanville
Pages 323–338
Real-Time Glow
Greg James, John O’Rorke
Pages 343–362
Color Controls
Kevin Bjorke
Pages 363–373
Depth of Field: A Survey of Techniques
Joe Demers
Pages 375–390
High-Quality Filtering
Kevin Bjorke
Pages 391–415
Fast Filter-Width Estimates with Texture Maps
Matt Pharr
Pages 417–424
The OpenEXR Image File Format
Florian Kainz, Rod Bogart, Drew Hess
Pages 425–444
A Framework for Image Processing
Frank Jargstorff
Pages 445–467
Graphics Pipeline Performance
Cem Cebenoyan
Pages 473–486
Efficient Occlusion Culling
Dean Sekulic
Pages 487–503
The Design of FX Composer
Chris Maughan
Pages 505–519
Using FX Composer
Chris Maughan
Pages 521–535
An Introduction to Shader Interfaces
Matt Pharr
Pages 537–550
Converting Production RenderMan Shaders to Real-Time
Stephen Marshall
Pages 551–565
Integrating Hardware Shading into Cinema 4D
Jörn Loviscach
Pages 567–580
Leveraging High-Quality Software Rendering Effects in Real-Time Applications
Alexandre Jean Claude, Marc Stevens
Pages 581–599
Integrating Shaders into Applications
John O’Rorke
Pages 601–615
A Toolkit for Computation on GPUs
Ian Buck, Tim Purcell
Pages 621–636
Fast Fluid Dynamics Simulation on the GPU
Mark Harris
Pages 637–665
Volume Rendering Techniques
Milan Ikits, Joe Kniss, Aaron Lefohn, Charles Hansen
Pages 667–692
Applying Real-Time Shading to 3D Ultrasound Visualization
Thilaka Sumanaweera
Pages 693–707
Real-Time Stereograms
Fabio Policarpo
Pages 709–722
Eugene d’Eon
Pages 723–732