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Game Programming Gems 6
Edited by Michael Dickheiser
Charles River Media, 2006
ISBN 1-58450-450-1


Lock-Free Algorithms
Toby Jones
Pages 5–15
Utilizing Multicore Processors with OpenMP
Pete Isensee
Pages 17–23
Computer Vision in Games Using the OpenCV Library
Arnau Ramisa, Enric Vergara, Enric Martí
Pages 25–37
Geographic Grid Registration of Game Objects
Roger Smith
Pages 39–47
BSP Techniques
Octavian Marius Chincisan
Pages 49–67
Closest-String Matching Algorithm
James Boer
Pages 69–77
Using CppUnit To Implement Unit Testing
Blake Madden
Pages 79–95
Fingerprinting Pre-Release Builds to Deter and Detect Piracy
Steve Rabin
Pages 97–102
Faster File Loading with Access-Based File Reordering
David L. Koenig
Pages 103–108
Stay in the Game: Asset Hotloading for Fast Iteration
Noel Llopis, Charles Nicholson
Pages 109–116
Floating-Point Tricks
Chris Lomont
Pages 121–136
GPU Computation in Projective Space Using Homogeneous Coordinates
Vaclav Skala
Pages 137–147
Solving Systems of Linear Equations Using the Cross Product
Anders Hast
Pages 149–160
Sequence Indexing for Game Development
Palem GopalaKrishna
Pages 161–174
Exact Buoyancy for Polyhedra
Erin Catto
Pages 175–187
Real-Time Particle-Based Fluid Simulation with Rigid Body Interaction
Takashi Amada
Pages 189–205
Applying Model-Based Decision-Making Methods to Games: Applying the Locust AI Engine to Quake III
Armand Prieditis, Mukesh Dalal
Pages 211–222
Achieving Coordination with Autonomous NPCs
Diego Garcés
Pages 223–234
Behavior-Based Robotic Architectures for Games
Hugo Pinto, Luis Otavio Álvares
Pages 235–244
Constructing a Goal-Oriented Robot for Unreal Tournament Using Fuzzy Sensors, Finite-State Machines, and Extended Behavior Networks
Hugo Pinto, Luis Otavio Álvares
Pages 245–257
A Goal-Oriented Unreal Bot: Building a Game Agent with Goal-Oriented Behavior and Simple Personality Using Extended Behavior Networks
Hugo Pinto, Luis Otavio Álvares
Pages 259–271
Short-Term Memory Modeling Using a Support Vector Machine
Julien Hamaide
Pages 273–281
Using the Quantified Judgment Model for Engagement Analysis
Michael Ramsey
Pages 283–289
Designing a Multilayer, Pluggable AI Engine
Sébastien Schertenleib
Pages 291–305
A Fuzzy-Control Approach to Managing Scene Complexity
Gabriyel Wong, Jianliang Wang
Pages 307–316
Scripting Language Survey
Diego Garcés
Pages 323–340
Binding C/C++ Objects to Lua
Waldemar Celes, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, Roberto Ierusalimschy
Pages 341–355
Programming Advanced Control Mechanisms with Lua Coroutines
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo, Waldemar Celes, Roberto Ierusalimschy
Pages 357–369
Managing High-Level Script Execution Within Multithreaded Environments
Sébastien Schertenleib
Pages 371–381
Exposing Actor Properties Using Nonintrusive Proxies
Matthew Campbell, Curtiss Murphy
Pages 383–392
Game Object Component System
Chris Stoy
Pages 393–403
Synthesis of Realistic Idle Motion for Interactive Characters
Arjan Egges, Thomas Di Giacomo, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann
Pages 409–422
Spatial Partitioning Using an Adaptive Binary Tree
Martin Fleisz
Pages 423–435
Enhanced Object Culling with (Almost) Oriented Bounding Boxes
Ben St. John
Pages 437–447
Skin Splitting for Optimal Rendering
Dominic Filion
Pages 449–459
GPU Terrain Rendering
Harald Vistnes
Pages 461–471
Interactive Fluid Dynamics and Rendering on the GPU
Frank Luna
Pages 473–487
Fast Per-Pixel Lighting with Many Lights
Frank Puig Placeres
Pages 489–499
Rendering Road Signs Sharply
Jörn Loviscach
Pages 501–516
Practical Sky Rendering for Games
Aurelio Reis
Pages 517–527
High Dynamic Range Rendering Using OpenGL Frame Buffer Objects
Allen Sherrod
Pages 529–536
Real-Time Sound Generation from Deformable Meshes
Marq Singer
Pages 541–547
A Lightweight Generator for Real-Time Sound Effects
Frank Luchs
Pages 549–554
Real-Time Mixing Busses
James Boer
Pages 555–560
Potentially Audible Sets
Dominic Filion
Pages 561–571
A Cheap Doppler Effect
Julien Hamaide
Pages 573–581
Faking Real-Time DSP Effects
Robert Sparks
Pages 583–587
Dynamically Adaptive Streaming of 3D Data for Animated Characters
Thomas Di Giacomo, Stephane Garchery, Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann, Chris Joslin
Pages 593–605
Complex Systems-Based High-Level Architecture for Massively Multiplayer Games
Viknashvaran Narayanasamy, Kok-Wai Wong, Chun Che Fung
Pages 607–622
Generating Globally Unique Identifiers for Game Objects
Yongha Kim
Pages 623–628
Massively Multiplayer Online Prototype Utilizing Second Life for Game Concept Prototyping
Peter A. Smith
Pages 629–639
Reliable Peer-to-Peer Gaming TCP Connections Penetrating NAT
Larry Shi
Pages 641–651