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GPU Pro 6
Edited by Wolfgang Engel
CRC Press, 2016
ISBN 978-1-4822-6461-6


Dynamic GPU Terrain
David Pangerl
Pages 3–17
Bandwidth-Efficient Procedural Meshes in the GPU via Tessellation
Gustavo Bastos Nunes, João Lucas Guberman Raza
Pages 19–25
Real-Time Deformation of Subdivision Surfaces on Object Collisions
Henry Schäfer, Matthias Nießner, Marc Stamminger
Pages 27–50
Realistic Volumetric Explosions in Games
Alex Dunn
Pages 51–62
Next-Generation Rendering in Thief
Peter Sikachev, Samuel Delmont, Uriel Doyon, Jean-Normand Bucci
Pages 65–90
Grass Rendering and Simulation with LOD
Dongsoo Han, Hongwei Li
Pages 91–100
Hybrid Reconstruction Antialiasing
Michał Drobot
Pages 101–139
Real-Time Rendertng of Physically Based Clouds Using Precomputed Scattering
Egor Yusov
Pages 141–166
Sparse Procedural Volume Rendering
Doug McNabb
Pages 167–180
Real-Time Lighting via Light Linked List
Abdul Bezrati
Pages 183–193
Deferred Normalized Irradiance Probes
John Huelin, Benjamin Rouveyrol, Bartłomiej Wroński
Pages 195–215
Volumetric Fog and Lighting
Bartłomiej Wroński
Pages 217–242
Physically Based Light Probe Generation on GPU
Ivan Spogreev
Pages 243–266
Real-Time Global Illumination Using Slices
Hugh Malan
Pages 267–293
Practical Screen-Space Soft Shadows
Mártin Tamás, Viktor Heisenberger
Pages 297–313
Tile-Based Omnidirectional Shadows
Hawar Doghramachi
Pages 315–339
Shadow Map Silhouette Revectorization
Vladimir Bondarev
Pages 341–347
Hybrid Ray Tracing on a PowerVR GPU
Gareth Morgan
Pages 351–368
Implementing a GPU-Only Particle-Collision System with ASTC 3D Textures and OpenGL ES 3.0
Daniele Di Donato
Pages 369–385
Animated Characters with Shell Fur for Mobile Devices
Andrew Girdler, James L. Jones
Pages 387–396
High Dynamic Range Computational Photography on Mobile GPUs
Simon McIntosh-Smith, Amir Chohan, Dan Curran, Anton Lokhmotov
Pages 397–431
Compute-Based Tiled Culling
Jason Stewart
Pages 435–458
Rendering Vector Displacement-Mapped Surfaces in a GPU Ray Tracer
Takahiro Harada
Pages 459–474
Smooth Probabilistic Ambient Occlusion for Volume Rendering
Thomas Kroes, Dirk Schut, Elmar Eisemann
Pages 475–485
Block-Wise Linear Binary Grids for Fast Ray-Casting Operations
Holger Grün
Pages 489–504
Semantic-Based Shader Generation Using Shader Shaker
Michael Delva, Julien Hamaide, Ramses Ladlani
Pages 505–519
ANGLE: Bringing OpenGL ES to the Desktop
Shannon Woods, Nicolas Capens, Jamie Madill, Geoff Lang
Pages 521–542